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I love embellishing new and gently used garments by breathing new life into them by adding my unique designs and style. 


I began my therapeutic journey in 2021 in Thailand. There was a blazer that Billy Porter wore on the hit show POSE and I became fascinated. Later, I picked up a paintbrush and some textile paint and began to paint my energy into what later became a masterpiece. Painting and upcycling became a haven for me, a new therapeutic art outlet. 


During my time in Thailand, I came to realize that I needed to confront my childhood traumas, frustration, sadness, and anger that

I had been carrying with me. This new outlet allowed my thoughts to flow freely, and my hands to move swiftly,

and introduced new territory for artistic freedom.


My unique creations are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. I paint, upcycle, and create every week.

I am constantly pushing myself to explore outside of my comfort zone and try something new. 


Engaging in upcycling art therapy provides me with a secure environment to heal, forgive, self-reflect, and determine my desires in life.


Custom Orders Available

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